Small-Screen Jabber 18-24 June

TV highlights this week include the UK's EU Referendum, new Polish drama The Border, and more Euro 2016 football...

Showbiz Simon Says 17 June 2016

Finding Dory's Ellen DeGeneres wants a threequel, Beverly Hills Cop 4 is back on, The Conjuring 2's evil nun gets her own movie and more...

The Guys From Gotham

Meet the guys from Gotham: Cory Michael Smith (Riddler), Robin Lord Taylor (Penguin) and Sean Pertwee (Alfred)

Small-Screen Jabber 11-17 June

Euro 2016 gets solidly under way from this week – expect the soaps and other regular shows to get shunted, squeezed or even vanish temporarily

Showbiz Simon Says 10 June 2016

A PG-13 rating for Suicide Squad, Splash gets a reboot, The Goonies sequel updates, John Boyega joins Pacific Rim 2 and more...

Deus Ex Mankind Divided first look

Hands-on experience of the forthcoming iteration of Square Enix’s much-loved stealth-action franchise suggests it will be every bit as weighty, thought-provoking and flexible to play as its predecessors

Showbiz Simon Says 3 June 2016

Anthony Hopkins joins Transformers: The Last Knight, the Logan's Run reboot moves ahead, Brie Larson is favourite for Captain Marvel and more...



Goosebumps review

Goosebumps is a joyous romp that manages to nod to classic horrors and genre clichés, while delivering some family-friendly scares and a remarkable amount of genuine humour



Showbiz Simon Says 28 May 2016

Tom Hiddleston in Bond talks, Dwayne Johnson to do Die Hard meets Towering Inferno in China, John Carpenter's Halloween return and more...