Curb Your Enthusiasm: Series 7 review (DVD)

Ever since it ended back in 1998, fans have been wondering if there would one day be a Seinfeld reunion. Well, wonder no more. Because, thanks to the genius mind of Larry David, HERE IT IS!

Many consider this to be the best season of Curb so far. Maybe it is, although season 4 – in which Mel Brooks casts Larry as Max Bialystock in a Broadway production of The Producers, first opposite Ben Stiller, then David Schwimmer – is still way up there. This season picks up nicely from the sixth. Cheryl (Hines) has left Larry, who is now shacked up with Loretta Black. Who develops cancer, which makes Larry keen to dump her. And in a bid to win Cheryl back, Larry agrees to develop a Seinfeld reunion show for NBC – and cast Cheryl as George Costanza's ex wife, who George (Alexander) wants to win back.

The delicious irony, as wel all know, is that George is based on Larry himself. It's a great plot, and an incredibly clever way to get the Seinfeld cast back together without actually doing a new Seinfeld show. It's surprising that all the original cast agreed to do it, but agree they did, and it's wonderful to see the old Seinfeld gang back together, playing Larry David World versions of themselves as well as their old Seinfeld characters. There's an excellent collection of special guests, too – Meg Ryan, David Spade, Ted Danson, Mary Steenburgen, Christian Slater, Sherry Stringfield, Rosie O'Donnell, Elisabeth Shue, Estelle Harris, Wayne Knight. And, of course, it's classic Curb – Larry doing something for purely selfish reasons, and his plan ultimately backfiring. Or does it?

Yes, it's a brilliant season of Curb, and will easily keep Larry fans happy until season 8 (which is going to be set in New York) comes along next year. Pretty, pretty good.

EXTRAS ★★★ Four great behind-the-scenes featurettes – The Seinfeld Reunion: It Could Only Happen on Curb (8 minutes); Rebuilding the Seinfeld Sets (11 minutes); Larry David as George Costanza (2 minutes); and A Seinfeld Moment on Curb (7 minutes).

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