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Fun Mom Dinner is the latest in a welcome trend of female-centric rowdy comedies to have come out over the last little while, a series of films which has seen some big hits, last year's on the face of it rather similar Bad Moms and the recent release Girls Trip most notably, but also some duds, the still unreleased in the UK Rough Night going down like a lead balloon despite a cast led by Scarlett Johansson. Fun Mom Dinner's VoD debut then is really not that encouraging however while it is not a film which will live long in the memory, it certainly doesn't make you feel cheated of your hour and a half or so.

This is largely thanks to the leads here. Headed up by Kate Aselton and Toni Collette with damn fine backup in Molly Shannon and Bridget Everett, this is a cast you want to see have a good time and despite some initial frostiness from Collette's character, they're a warm, fun bunch with fairy derivative but well acted character types which lead to some solid laughs throughout. The men in the cast get less to do but Maroon 5's Adam Levine acquits himself well as the hot romantic interest for one of the ladies and Paul Rudd puts in a memorable cameo as a pot seller.

Julie Rudd's screenplay comes from a well intentioned place, though there's nothing in the film which is all that revelatory, and the stereotyping of both men and women is perhaps a little disappointing. However, the film is aiming for a broad audience with a primary objective of making them laughs and it gets some solid hits in throughout.

Director Alethea Jones, who has the difficult task of making the Barbie film work next, also works well with what she's got, the staging of the film feels fairly "single camera sitcom" in its construction but she keeps the story ticking over in a tight way which ensures you never get bored. She's not afraid of a bit of gross out stuff either and on this film's evidence the Barbie film she would have made with Amy Schumer could have been very interesting indeed had Schumer not left that project.

Fun Mom Dinner is a decent enough time, one which is probably best suited to VoD where some alcohol can be consumed and the atmosphere can be relaxed. It's a film which seems to speak from authentic experience and in doing so will probably have many people relating. A bit more subversion in amongst the narrative would have gone down well among the crude humour but what is here is enough.

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