Mon Roi review

Rather hysterical and emotional, this French film is an anatomy of a destructive relationship. Tony (Bercot) has injured her knee in a skiing accident, and is at a recovery centre. During her time there, it seems that her heart also needs to heal, as she looks back over her relationship with Georgio (Cassel).

Starting at the beginning of their relationship, everything is wonderful, they laugh all the time, Georgio is so charming. But from the start, there is something off. Not all Tony’s friends like Georgio, and there’s also a strange woman hanging around who still has feelings for Georgio, and isn’t afraid to confront her about it. Tony comes across as a bit self conscious, wondering why, for example, her new lover is interested in her when he usually dates models. Perhaps this lack of self esteem is why she chooses to stay with Georgio as his behaviour gets increasingly bad.

And that’s where this film is a hard watch, because although Cassel is mesmerising and slightly menacing, it’s hard to believe that anyone would stay with someone who has ex-girlfriends calling in the middle of the night, who cheats, who runs up debts but has his own flat by the time the repo men arrive, who puts his pregnant wife on anti-depressants, and that’s only half way through the film. He is incredibly manipulative, but it’s not enough to make a woman stay for so long, the reasons for her feeling compelled to continue, one of them being their having a child, just don’t feel like enough. It all escalates, and keeps escalating for two hours.

The performances have a lovely, natural, real feeling to them, and the recovery of Tony’s body along with the recovery of her heart is a nice touch. It’s just that the film is too long, the relationship too histrionic and Tony not a strong enough character to make you feel along with her to the end.

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