Seinfeld: Season 9 review

seinfeld season 9 2007 dvd embedIn 1998, the show said to be "about nothing" – which, as we all know, was really about the minutia of our everyday lives – finally bowed out after nine wonderful years. As hateful and selfish as they were, we all came to love Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer as though they were members of our own families. Now, almost 10 years after it all came to an end, we have the final season on DVD.

I need to make a confession here, if you haven't worked it out already – I’m an avowed, unashamed fan of Seinfeld, which I consider to be the finest sitcom ever made (yes, even better than Frasier). And I’m thrilled to finally have every episode on DVD – especially my favourite, The Contest, from season four. But we're here to talk about season nine, which also has some standout episodes – The Voice, The Serenity Now, The Merv Griffin Show, The Betrayal (the very clever "backwards" episode), The Reverse Peephole, The Frogger (a personal favourite), The Maid and The Puerto Rican Day (featuring the infamous flag burning scene).

And then there’s The Finale, which is probably the last time US television ever saw such a huge audience for one show – an estimated 75 million tuned in to see the amoral foursome get jailed … for doing nothing. The gang are put on trial in Massachusetts for breaking the so-called a Good Samaritan Law after not helping fat guy they see (and actually videotape) being robbed at gunpoint. In court there is a stream of "character" witnesses from the series' near-decade-long run – from the Marble Rye Lady, the "virgin" Marla and Sidra (with the "they're real, and they're spectacular" breasts), to the low-talker, Babu and the Soup Nazi – who all testify as to how they were "abused, wronged, deceived and betrayed" by Jerry and his "very, very bad" friends.

And the final scene is a corker, ending exactly the same way that The Seinfeld Chronicles began nine years earlier – with Jerry and George discussing "the second button" (which, as we all know, can make or break a shirt). And I have to congratulate Jerry Seinfeld and the team on their decision to end the show at its peak – it was the No.1 rated programme on US TV when they decided to call it a day (and yes, Larry King, they DID decide to end it themselves, while they were at the top of their game; the show was NOT cancelled by the network). Because of that wise decision, Seinfeld is fondly remembered and lives on in syndication around the world (except, of course, in the UK).

EXTRAS: As with the previous eight seasons, there's loads of additional stuff. As well as the usual Notes About Nothing, Inside Looks, commentaries and deleted scenes, we also get a featurette about why Jerry decided to end the show, bloopers, and scenes from a special nine-year anniversary "roundtable" in which the cast and co-creator Larry David reminisce about the show (the full one-hour roundtable is a bonus disc in the Complete Season 1-9 boxset). Oh, I understand there are also five Easter Eggs to be found. If anyone happens to find them, can they please let me know?

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