Six Uplifting 90s Movies to Watch This Winter

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Six Uplifting Movies From the 90s to Watch This Winter

Summer flew by too soon this year. The sun has disappeared for another few months and you didn’t crack as many cold ones as you would've liked. But at least now you get to use the season as an excuse for bailing on things you didn’t want to do anyway. So, call over some friends, get comfy and revisit some choice 90s movies that will, at worst, make you forget how cold it is outside for a couple of hours.

Standard Movie Night Picks

1. Dazed and Confused
Last-day-of-the-school-year shenanigans in mid-70s America make for a movie that isn’t so much heavy on the plot as it is on invoking second-hand sentimentality through a deeper look at the day through the perspectives of different characters and social cliques. A cult classic that's widely written about by the likes of entertainment blog Mental Floss, Dazed and Confused is great for when the general mood for deciding a movie is ambivalent, or when you simply want to watch a 90’s high school movie that isn’t Clueless or Varsity Blues.

2. Office Space
Work blues catching up with almost everyone in the group? Office Space is perfect for living vicariously through the lives and experiences of disgruntled employees at a software company. Ron Livingston’s Peter goes from resignedly unmotivated to rebellious to conflicted and then finally at ease, reminding us all that no matter how bad it seems, it can’t stay that way forever.

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When You’re Feeling Low or Down on Your Luck

3. It Could Happen to You
Peak 90s Nicholas Cage is an NYPD officer who comes up short on the tip he needs to pay broke and divorced waitress Bridget Fonda. Jokingly promising that he’d pay her half his winnings if he wins the lottery, their lives change dramatically when the ticket in question turns out to be the winner. Included in Lotto Land's run-down of the best films with lottery winners, this one is definitely the most romantic, showing that true love does conquer lawsuits and all.

4. Sister Act
The flawless Whoopi Goldberg plays a lounge singer who’s in the wrong place at the wrong time, thus ending up in the witness protection program at a Bay Area convent. Put into the convent choir by Maggie Smith depicting a stern Reverend Mother, Whoopi’s Sister Mary Clarence helps transform the flailing choir, infusing their performance with unorthodox styles. Before long, her cover is blown, and an unconventional rescue mission ensues. It’s hard to stay glum with guns, nuns, good laughs and soulful music.

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For a Strong Dose of Nostalgia

5. Matilda
In Roald Dahl’s timeless classic adapted for the big screen, Mara Wilson plays the exceptionally-gifted Matilda. Constantly picked on by her parents, brother, and the despotic elementary school principal, Matilda begins developing telekinetic powers which she eventually uses to make things right for fellow students and her favourite teacher. Watch to regain the child-like sense of wonder and awe many of us lose as adults.

6. Home Alone
The Home Alone series continues being relevant in pop culture to this date, and for good reason. A quintessential sleepover pick, Home Alone inspired a generation of kids to take pride in mischief, much to the chagrin of a generation of parents. Childlike wish fulfilment, hilariously irresponsible parents and the hijinks of eight-year-old Kevin McCallister fending off The Wet Bandits with booby traps- best enjoyed during Christmas season with a hot cup of cocoa and a tub of coal tar nearby, just in case.

six uplifting movies from the 90s to watch this winter 2017 blogpost embed3So there you have it. Curl up, light a fire and crack on - these films are heaven-sent for your next nineties chiller. Choosing just six was difficult enough, but the important thing is that these cracking titles are guaranteed to lift your mood and chase those winter blues away.

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