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This verbose dramedy plays like a weedy version of Shame. It focuses on three guys in rehab for sex addiction. Don't expect erotic fumblings though – there's precious little sex on show. Thanks For Sharing is all talk and no trousers.

Thankfully, co-writer/director Blumberg has assembled a most personable cast to tell his tale. Ruffalo plays Adam, cold turkey for five years, who embarks on a relationship with pretty Phoebe (Paltrow), recently recovered from breast cancer. Dare he reveal his sordid past to her? His previous life consisted of promiscuous one-night stands, bedding prostitutes and internet porn. His sponsor is Mike (Robbins), a former alcoholic who is having great trouble reconnecting with his son (Fugit) who has reappeared in his life after eight years. The third member of this male triumvirate is portly hospital orderly Neil (Gad). Initially he is unable to take the sex addiction meetings seriously, but gradually he develops a level of maturity when new arrival Dede (Meade) asks for his help.

We smoothly move between these three interlocking narratives with ease. The ensemble cast all all very believable – we see their faults and their charms, their strengths and weaknesses depicted with relaxed and naturalistic skill. Paltrow is lovely as the woman dealing with her new partner, seeing him in a different light when finally told about his past, while Meade (better known as the pop singer Pink) is very convincing as the vulnerable girl whose life has taken a wrong turn.

It's set in the attractive environs of New York as these characters talk (and talk) about their problems. There's an earnest feel to it all with too much of a touchy-feely attitude when it could go for the jugular more. There's hardly any scope for comedy here strangely so overall it's a rather limp affair that while amiable enough never really grabs you.

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