The Best Wrestlemania Matches

Wrestlemania 33 is quickly approaching, but ahead of this Sunday's big show we run down the Top Five Wrestlemania Matches from the past 32 editions of the "Showcase of the Immortals".

Owen Hart vs Bret Hart: WrestleMania 10

top 5 wrestlemania matches 1A technical showcase that made me realise how good both men were. I’d never been the biggest Bret or Owen fan, but this match made me see the brothers in a different light. It’s easily my favourite match from either man. To do what they did as the first match on the show, and to have an inconclusive finish that didn’t diminish the match quality makes this one of my ‘Mania favourites. I feel like it’s one of the truly timeless WrestleMania matches, it tells a great story and appeals to both the regular fan and the wrestling purist.

Triangle Ladder Match: WrestleMania 16

top 5 wrestlemania matches 2Before the Summerslam 2000 TLC match came this, and this for me was the real first “TLC” match in the Federation and my favourite ladder match ever. From Jeff Hardy hitting a 450 splash on a ladder, to Edge and Christian grabbing the titles standing atop a chaotic construction of ladders and tables. This is one of the matches that broke new ground and set the precedent for the ladder matches we see today. So many spots were innovated in this match, and I feel like there’s not been anything as innovative in this kind of match type since.

Undertaker vs CM Punk: WrestleMania 29

top 5 wrestlemania matches 3I went for this Undertaker bout because at the time I remember wondering if his run of classic matches could continue for yet another year. Safe to say it did, especially after Punk hit ‘Taker with the urn and I held my breath anticipating the three count. I remember the build up for this being really good as well, with Punk spilling Paul Bearer’s ashes and generally being a really good heel and rising to The Undertaker’s level. It was a good cap to Punk’s year as well, he’d been on a great run with the title and his combination with Heyman was magic.

The Rock vs Steve Austin: WrestleMania 17

top 5 wrestlemania matches 4This match always appears on these kind of lists, and that’s because it’s the perfect example of the WWE main event style. You had the two biggest stars on the biggest stage possible capping off the Attitude era. It was a match with so many twists and turns and it showcased what was so great about both men, I remember my mind being blown when Rock hit Austin with a Stunner, and when Austin hit Rock with a Rock Bottom. Even the conclusion with Austin turning heel was one of the most shocking things I’d seen in wrestling at that time.

Ultimate Warrior vs Randy Savage: WrestleMania 7

top 5 wrestlemania matches 5Thinking about this match I think about the word drama, because this match had it in abundance. Randy going up for five elbows was mind-blowing the first time I saw it - I didn’t think those kind of spots happened in the WWF at that time - and it’s definitely one of Warrior’s best performances. It’s also a match I feel has aged really well, you could run it for today’s audience and the drama and story would still make it a great contest. This kind of match is very much built for WrestleMania, the stakes and the spectacle demanded it.

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