We Own The Night

Another formulaic family drama, with one brother a cop and another brother in league with crims. Like we haven't seen that before. That said, it's a decent enough flick if you're a fan of the leads. And if so, nothing any critic says will keep you away.

Wahlberg is a New York police officer; Phoenix is a Brooklyn nightclub boss for Russian mobsters. They're brothers, and Duval — also a cop — is their dad. Yes, it's getting to feel rather familiar, isn't it. Wahlberg's Joe Grusinsky is part of a squad out to crack the drug trade. Phoenix's Bobby Green — he changed his last name to keep the family cop connection a secret from his employers — just wants to party in his Brighton Beach club. That plays Blondie. In 1988. Anyway, a drug raid in the club leads to an attempt on Joe's life, so Bobby decides that blood really is thicker than cocaine and decides to turn snitch. Bad move. Things go south, so Bobby and girlfriend Amada (Mendes) have to go into hiding, cos nasty drug boss Vadim (Veadov) is out to get them.

The three leads put in decent enough turns, but there are a couple of big plot holes and a major turnaround that is a little too hard to believe. Gray's dialogue sparkles at times, and there is some decent enough action, but the plot is a little to contrived and most of the movie smacks of deja vu.

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