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In Get Him To The Greek, Kristen Bell has a brief cameo reprising her role from Forgetting Sarah Marshall. The few seconds she is on screen are infinitely more amusing than anything she does in this woeful romcom. She's gorgeous of course and a very able performer but here fails to salvage a dreadful opus with a misleading title. Only a few scenes are set in Rome. For the most part it's a New York-based trifle - and with nothing to recommend it.

Bell plays art curator Beth, who goes to Rome to be maid of honour at her sister's wedding. She meets and falls for Best Man Nick (Duhamel) but mistakenly believes he's in a relationship. After the ceremony she dips her toes in the nearby fountain and picks out four coins to take back home with her. These magically inflame the hearts of the four men who first possessed the coins - all Manhattan dwellers with not one laugh to be had from from any of them. They comprise of phoney artist Will Arnett, pretensious magician Jon Heder, pompous model Dax Sheppard and persistent businessman Danny DeVito. Cue scenes of them desperately pursuing Ms Bell around the Big Apple as she tries to avoid their advances while going on dates with Duhamel.

The overstuffed proceedings lack flair and humour. It's an appallingly cackhanded affair with not one display of comic timing from the cast, all of whom flail around helplessly, ill served by the moribund script devoid of any originality and the listless direction that is incapable of drawing any chuckles. This is a truly painful experience to sit through so don't waste 90 minutes of your life trying. For masochists only.

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