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WWE - The Shield: Justice for All review

There is no doubt that The Shield has to be considered among the greatest factions in WWE history, with three of the best individual performers around in Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. Now, of course, all three have gone onto huge success as solo acts, but their careers seem like they will always be intertwined, either as enemies or partners. While WWE celebrated the group’s greatest matches as a unit in their original run with eth Destruction of the Shield DVD set a few years ago, and all three have featured on further releases independently, Justice for All marks the first look at the recent Shield reunion and the battles between all three men in the interim time since their split in 2014.

wwe the shield justice for all DVDEach disc focuses on one of the individual members of The Shield, with disc one looking at Dean Ambrose, disc two profiling Seth Rollins, and the third and final disc following Roman Reigns. All three men give individual sit-down interviews, and while it’s nice to hear about the camaraderie between the three, their individual reactions to going it alone and the eventual reunion. None of the interviews are hugely insightful, but all three come across well and show off their individual personalities very well.

In terms of match quality, there is plenty here to enjoy, as you’d expect. From Ambrose’s disc, there is a very entertaining Money in the Bank ladder match from 2016, a cracking match with Kevin Owens, a forgotten blinder with Triple H for the WWE title, and the triple threat between Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns from Battleground 2016.

From Rollins’ portion of the set we have the superb main event against Reigns from Money in the Bank (plus the Ambrose cash-in), his last two excellent Wrestlemania bouts against Triple H and then The Miz and Finn Balor. However, perhaps the best match on this disc came from the best thing Rollins, or arguably WWE has done in years in the form of the gauntlet match from Raw earlier this year which really showcased how superb Rollins has been over the past twelve months.

wwe the shield justice for all DVD 1Finally, Roman Reigns’ offering is probably the weakest of the three, but it does have a corker against John Cena, as well as his superb bout with Sheamus from a memorable episode of Raw that is well worth a look. Reigns bouts with Triple H and The Undertaker in consecutive Wrestlemania main events are included, but the main take away from both is what a bad job the company did with making him their top babyface from the sheer number of boos he receives.

As a companion piece to the aforementioned original Shield DVD release, this set works really well, picking up where the three men have been since the 2014 split. However, viewed in isolation this is far from spectacular. All three discs overlap with clips of the same matches (Money in the Bank 2015 especially is overused) which does make it seem like this set covers the same ground multiple times. That said, I think the bigger problem is the separation of the three men for the interview segments. It would have been nice to see the three together at some stage, and as the match between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar from the Greatest Royal Rumble finished up I assumed that was where it was leading, but it all just ends really abruptly, which seems like a shame. In a way, it’s apt, given the way the reunion of The Shield ended.




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