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After offerings such as Tango & Cash, Lethal Weapon and, more recently, The Heat, the latest buddy cop action/comedy comes from the world of a relatively unknown graphic novel. This means two things – big explosions and shady characters.

2 Guns, the latest film by Icelandic director Kormákur, stars Washington and Wahlberg as two "henchmen" for Mexican drug lord Papi Greco (Olmos).  When they decide to rob Greco of $3m, they discover that everything is not what it seems – uncovering a web of lies and deceit.

Certain elements throughout the film – such as the mixed-race partnership, guns and car chases – tick the boxes for the average action film fan, but at 102 minutes, the film feels slightly overlong - probably due to the need to accommodate the one-too-many twists and turns within the plot. And all the while, Kormákur fails to try anything to distinguish 2 Guns from the trendsetters within the genre. As well as this, the supporting cast members – ranging from Olmos to Patton as an almost predictable love interest – are quite underused. In fact, everyone bar the two male leads are overshadowed by Paxton's sinister yet enjoyable CIA agent, Earl. He easily steals each scene he is in and he makes you think of thumbtacks in a different way.

2 Guns is easily about the partnership between Stig (Wahlberg) and Trench (Washington). The sharp and witty script, thanks to screenwriter Masters, compliments the chemistry between the two main actors, who can bicker like a married couple as easily as kicking some serious ass. Since starring in last year's Ted, Wahlberg has established himself as a decent comedic actor – along with his action-star skills, his performance makes him a formidable partner alongside charismatic Washington, who plays his role with his trademark cool.

Predictable and overlong it may be, but with masses of guns and brilliant banter to enjoy, 2 Guns gets thumbs up on entertainment value.

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