4 of the Greatest Flawed Protagonists on TV

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4 of the Greatest Flawed Protagonists on TV

Some of the greatest characters on television and movies are considered flawed, complex, and sometimes even downright unlikable. Nobody’s perfect, so who wants to watch a series about someone who is perfect? Real humans are flawed, and so it’s always more engaging to delve into a show that stars someone with a few imperfections…

4 of the greatest flawed protagonists on tv october 2018 blogpost the office embedMichael Scott – The Office 

Michael Scott is arguably the best character in the whole series, and you could also say he is the best character that Steve Carrell has ever played. Michael is the Branch Manager of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, and one of the most unconventional bosses on television. He’s slightly racist, a little bit sexist, immature, and ignorant… Yet still lovable. All in all, Michael Scott adores his office, and his employees – he just has a funny way of showing it at times.

4 of the greatest flawed protagonists on tv october 2018 blogpost bones embedSeeley Booth – Bones

A character with an addiction is certainly something a lot of people will be able to relate to, which is what makes Seeley’s character so real and endearing. Booth portrays himself to be a charming, confident hunk, but it’s quite easy to see his warm and caring side. It is revealed at the end of season one that Booth has a gambling addiction, which is likely, a coping mechanism for his past in the army. It wasn’t just betting online from the safety of his own home that affected his life, but instead he visited different casinos in the dead of the night to fuel his addiction.

4 of the greatest flawed protagonists on tv october 2018 blogpost breaking bad embedWalter White – Breaking Bad

Portrayed by Bryan Cranston, the character of Walter White certainly has a lack of morality towards the end of the series. When Walter White is diagnosed with lung cancer, he decides to start manufacturing and dealing meth in order for his family to be financially stable once he is gone. His character gets roped into the danger of the drug world, and he gradually metamorphoses into the menacing Heisenberg. The gradual transformation of Walter into his alter ego is likely what makes Breaking Bad so bloody brilliant.

4 of the greatest flawed protagonists on tv october 2018 blogpost dexter embedDexter – Dexter

What is truly more flawed than a murderer? Dexter is a mild-mannered blood-spatter analyst by day, and by night he is a cold-blooded killer. Portrayed by Michael C. Hall, Dexter is perhaps one of the most likeable serial killers on television. His likeability stems from the fact that he surprisingly has the capacity to love and care for others, such as his sister, girlfriend, and his girlfriend’s children.

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