A Few Best Men review

To put it simply: if you’re an Aussie, you'll probably love this film; if you’re a Brit, you probably won't.

This Australian and English collaboration written by Dean Craig (Death at a Funeral) and directed by Stephan Elliot (The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert) is a film along similar lines of The Hangover where the Australians actually come out looking like the conformed and sophisticated citizens.

A Few Best Men follows young Englishman David, who falls in love while backpacking and proposes to the girl after 10 days. Only problem is, she’s an Aussie. So, upon returning to the motherland, he greets his friends Tom, Graham and Luke (Marshall, Bishop and Draxl) with the news that he is returning to Australia to marry Mia – and his friends are invited to the wedding.

Upon arriving in Australia, David and his three best men must impress Mia’s wealthy and upper-class parents (Newton-John and Biggins). This turns out to be a much harder task, especially when the best men are determined to “get wankered” on the stag night, resulting in various messes that must be cleaned up without the in-laws noticing.

A Few Best Men is an easy film to enjoy. There are plenty of laughs and though there are some cringey moments when the best men are creating a worse situation for themselves, the humour is always there. Expect a few unexpected turns – in particular, Newton-John’s character is surprisingly funny.

There are a few Australian stereotypes included, but all in good fun. The film has made good reference to the relationship between the Aussies and their British relatives, which does make for a comical moment during the wedding reception.

If anything, it’s certainly a change to see the Australians portrayed as the civilised nation and the English as drunks and scallywags. For this reason, audiences will be divided. But really, it’s just a fun film with a mostly unfamiliar but excellent cast, the beautiful Australian landscape and a battle between the British and Australian humours.

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