The Divergent Series: Allegiant review

The YA audience this dystopian romp is aimed at shouldn't feel too shortchanged with this third instalment of the Divergent series, but non-fans will not be persuaded. It displays pace and a certain visual panache though as Tris and her cohorts escape the walled city of desecrated Chicago and embark on a new adventure in a different territory, the futuristic and coldly clean terrain that is ruled over by avuncular Daniels. Is he the caring individual Tris believes or does he have ulterior motives in purloining children from their parents and creating nefarious schemes agains the Chicago denizens?

The muddled plotting is hardly engaging however, and the performances can best be described as indifferent. Woodley and James have little to register here but stoicism and determination, while Watts and Spencer have a few token scenes as the warring leaders in the walled city, unaware that they are being manipulated by outside forces. Only Teller brings some life into the proceedings as the treacherous
and deceitful Peter.

The Mars-like region they find themselves in, with red rain and spaceship pods, is well conjured but overall this fantasy action adventure is too formulaic to be memorable. It lacks spark and excitement, settling in being a strictly humdrum affair that will doubtless be watchable enough for its fervent followers but merely a mediocre, undemanding and quickly forgotten time-filler for general punters.

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