American Dad: Volume 8 review (DVD)

It's now almost a decade old, but American Dad! – the second hit animated show from the brilliant MacFarlane (the first was Family Guy, in case you've been out of the loop for a while) – continues to shine.

Anyway, if you're not already familiar with American Dad, then you really should be by now – it's been around for a while, as you'll know if you read the opening sentence. It's a family-based comedy, and the head of that family, Stan Smith, is an ultra-right-wing fanatic who works for the CIA. He has a beautiful (but a bit thick) wife named Francine, geeky son Steve, ultra-liberal daughter Hayley, alien Roger (rescued from Area 51) and a goldfish named Klaus who used to be a Nazi.

The Langley Falls family gets up to more ridiculous scrapes and hijinks in this collection of episodes (it's not actually a "season" as such, the UK releases being a mix of US series; this one consists mainly of the US Season 7). Stan buys a hot tub that has a mind of its own and starts killing his family and friends; the Hurricane! episode, part of a trilogy with Family Guy and The Cleveland Show; occasional character Principal Lewis (bos of Steve's high school) gets a bigger role this season, first when he's fired from his job and later when Stan becomes his best man; Stan uses a CIA gizmo in an attempt to get his lame son laid; Wheels & the Legman investigate another case; and Rogers multiple personas get up to more trouble. As always, it's very funny stuff.

Thanks to the likes of MacFarlane, The Simpsons' Matt Groening and South Park's Parker & Stone, we appear to be in another golden age for animation on TV. Great work, guys.

EXTRAS ★ The bonus material this time is limited to deleted scenes – unlike previous American Dad! DVD releases, which also included audio commentaries. Disappointing.

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