American Dad: Volume 9 review (DVD)

>Is American Dad on the way out? Here we have the most vanilla DVD release of the show ever, both in the UK and the US. No extras at all. Plus, in the US, the show has been dropped by the Fox network (where it used to air on Sunday nights) and is now on TBS on Mondays. So how long does it have?

Hopefully, a while yet – because American Dad still manages to be a sharp and funny look at modern family life. With an animated twist – how many average families have an alien living in the attic? And speaking of Roger, this is quite a Roger-centric season (although the DVD is called Volume 9, it actually consists of the US Season 8). In one episode, Roger becomes Stan's stepfather; in another, one of Roger's personas, Max Jets, get out of prison after a six-year sentence; and in another, Roger sends Haley's husband, Jeff, into space. We also get the return of Bond-style bad guy Tearjerker, a lot more Avery Bullock antics and we learn that Francine enjoys a good spanking.

And through it all, good old Stan retains his tight-arsed right-wing outlook on life. American Dad is always a look – especially on DVD, where the episodes appear (mostly) uncensored. It's just a shame about the lack of extras.

EXTRAS None at all...

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