American Dad! Volume 4 review (DVD)

American Dad: Volume 4  DVDOne of these days, someone is going to synch the UK DVD releases of American Dad! (and McFarlane's other brilliant animated show, Family Guy) with the actual US series. This may be volume 4, but it's actually the second part of season 3 and the start of season 4 (you can tell because of the change to the opening titles). No matter, it's still one of the finest animated shows on TV today, and it never fails to raise a smile and even quite a few laughs.

The collection opens with one of the best episodes of American Dad ever – Tearjerker, a brilliant parody of the James Bond films. The rest of the season has storylines that include Stan (and Roger) marooned on a desert island, Hayley falling in love with Stan's CIA double, Steve getting his first pubic hair and one of Roger's many personas takes on a life of its own. American Dad! Is much more of a conventional family-based sitcom than its more popular sibling, but every episode is packed full of great gags that pretty much always hit their target. The one gripe: sometimes there's a bit too much of a focus on Roger.

EXTRAS ??? As always, the American Dad! DVD box set is packed full of bonus material – there are audio commentaries on every single episode; half an hour's worth of deleted scenes; two featurettes, one on the making of Tearjerker and the other about Roger being a Master of Disguise; a cast table read from the 2008 Comic Con.

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