Burnt review

There are many shots in this movie of delicious dishes being prepared. The food on display is indeed mouthwatering at times. One can certainly salivate at the menu choices, but not for the film itself, unfortunately.

Fine turns from Cooper as an intolerant and egotistical chef relocating to London to set up a new eatery, Miller as his victimised number two, Bruhl as his forlorn financial benefactor, Rhys as his embittered arch rival in the classy restaurant business and Thompson as his down-to-earth doctor can't really mask the trite script which never catches fire.

That Cooper's character is uniformly unsympathetic and dislikable doesn't help much either. It's attractively shot though with nice, sunny depictions of the capital and always watchable as the various tribulations that befall the lead play out, but overall a huge "so what?" factor envelopes the enterprise. There's never a a great sense of drama to the proceedings, nothing to truly care or get excited about. It's solid enough but distinctly mediocre.

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