Claudia Winkelman shares her parenting 'lies'

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Claudia Winkelman shares her little white parenting lies

She’s known for her down-to-earth attitude, and today TV’s Claudia Winkleman shows us her honest side as she launches a campaign encouraging Brits to embrace the everyday and often hilarious little white lies they tell their children.

As the new drama Big Little Lies, which follows a group of mums whose perfect lives are a perfect lie, launches on our screens on Monday March 13, online streaming service NOW TV has taken some of the themes of the show and given it a UK twist and revealed how Brits are telling fibs to their children in a bid to cope with the demands of modern-day parenting. A quarter of all parents admitted to telling little white lies at least once a day to their children, with 55% admitting to telling a lie once a week.

To unite besieged mums and dads everywhere, Claudia has teamed up with Helen and Ellie from the Scummy Mummies and Anna from MotherPukka to confess their favourite fibs, including lying about needing the toilet to get some peace and quiet, telling their children food is spicy to stop them eating it, claiming they have a word count they can’t exceed for the day and some very creative stories about the birds and the bees!  

Mum of three Claudia says: “Bringing up kids is hard – I’m certainly prepared to bend the truth a little here and there to make life a bit easier. My favourite white lie to tell my kids right now is that Taylor Swift’s favourite pastime is brushing her teeth…works a treat every time, I can’t get them out of the bathroom.”

Helen Thorn from the Scummy Mummies adds: “Little white lies add the magic and sprinkle to childhood and take the edge off parenting. Life is never fun when you tell the whole truth.”

Parents in the research also confessed it’s not just their offspring they lie to, with 49% of parents telling lies to their friends and 46% to their partners about their parenting style. Fear of judgement seems to plague most parents with a third of those questioned revealing that they keep quiet about their parenting style to avoid criticism. Behaviours they keep hush about include accidentally swearing in front of their children (53%), giving them junk food when they can’t be bothered to cook (31%) and letting them wear pyjamas all day long (44%).

Big Little Lies is a subversive, darkly comic seven-part series that tells the story of best friends and stay-at-home mums (Academy Award-winners Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman) who live ostensibly idyllic lives in their affluent beachside community. When they take a newly arrived single mum (The Divergent Series’ Shailene Woodley) under their wing, a chain of events unfolds that starts at the school gates and ends in murder. With a stellar supporting cast including Alexander Skarsgård, Laura Dern and Adam Scott, Big Little Lies is set to prove that the perfect life is a wonderful lie.

Watch the premiere of Big Little Lies on Monday March 13 at 9pm with a NOW TV Entertainment Pass for just £6.99 per month. Watch the exclusive drama unfold on Sky Atlantic, new episodes Mondays.

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