Community Season 6 review

It’s Community without Pierce. Or Troy or Shirley.

Long running and troubled TV show Community is about a study group of disparate students who attend a hilariously awful community college, learning lessons about life and each other along the way. High on references to 80’s movies, other TV shows and taking a cynical look at life, human nature and the community college, the show has been hugely popular, but suffered from the very public antics of show creator Dan Harmon, who was summarily fired at one point, then rehired when ratings slumped. The show was also cancelled and revived at different points in time, with varying success.

community season 6 DVD2And now, here we are in Season 6, if you’re still with us.

This season does not have the full brilliance of earlier seasons, but it does have the epic Dan Harmon back at the helm, which means that the focus of the episodes is back on cynical funny stuff and references, not on soap opera themes like who will get together with who. It lacks some of the old fizz and sparkle that came from the chemistry of the original cast, but there is a lot of really good stuff here, like some amusing looks at guerilla advertising, tokenism at it’s worst, Britta’s creepy parents and of course, a paintball episode. It’s better than you might think, and for fans of the show, it’s worth checking out.

This season, the shows ability to be self referential and to openly point out it’s own flaws is more hilarious than ever, with Harmon hoping to correct damage done to the series and poking fun at it as often as he can. The strong chemistry between Annie, Jeff, Britta, Abed, Chang and the Dean, which carries the season, is still there, but with some new faces thrown in that do OK. And the episodes revolve around some original and interesting concepts.

It’s hard to imagine the show without Troy, Pierce and Shirley, and it’s certainly not the same without them (though Shirley does make a cameo), but for those of us who didn’t want it all to end yet, this season is a good send of to characters that remain who we know and love. And it’s funny and insightful too.  

EXTRAS: Considering that this is the last season of this show, I expected more from the DVD extras. They're fairly standard, but fun. Deleted scenes featured on both discs are interesting, but uneventful. Six Seasons And A Finale (18 minutes) is where we say a possible goodbye to our old friends at Greendale, which is bittersweet but lacking the cast members who previously left, but it has some great insights into the making of. Community Trivia (23 mins) is a cute and funny test for the cast and crew to see who remembers the most trivia about the show. Gag Reel (7.5 minutes), self explanatory title, and has some hilarious moments and outtakes. 

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