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Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg last teamed up for 2010's The Other Guys, a terrifically fun buddy-cop spoof that got respectable box office and positive reviews. Now the boys are back together, but far from being buddies this time – they are actually rivals for the affections of the same pair of children.

daddys home 2015 blu ray packshotBrad (Ferrell) is a wimpish executive at a smooth jazz radio station who wants nothing more than to be a good stepfather to the two kids of his wife of eight months, Sarah (Cardellini). But complications arise when her ex-husband, Dusty (Wahlberg), comes back to town determined to win back his family. The rivalry between the two men is a lot of fun. Compared to Brad, Dusty is a real he-man. He rides a motorcycle and shows of his sculpted bod any chance he gets (although Wahlberg's six-pack is looking a little closer to a keg thse days). He shows Brad up every chance he gets, even getting the upper hand at Brad's radio staton. Of course, the kids adore their bad-boy dad, and Sarah starts to remember why she fell in love with him in the first place.

There is loads of physical comedy, and quite a few laughs to be had in Daddy's Home. Ferrell and Wahlberg do wwork well together, but this fails to pack the punch or cleverness of The Other Guys. The character of Brad does recall Buddy from Elf, always so eager to please and a bit of a man-child, while Wahlberg's Dusty fails to realise tthat there is more to beng a husband and father than just being the ough guy. The film does tread a mostly obvoius, been-there-before path but there is enough slapstick and sly innuendo to keep you amused for its 90-odd minutes of runtime. And hey, the sparkling Cardellini is always worth a watch, whatever she is in.

EXTRAS: There are five Deleted and Extended Scenes (7:38); the featurette The Making of Daddy's Home (11:54); the featurette Daddy-Off (6:44), in which Ferrell and Wahlberg discuss how their characters compete to be the "best dad"; the featurette Daddy Daughter Dance (5:11) goes behind the scenes of the dance sequence;  the featurette Halftime Stunt (8:55), which goes behind the scenes of the NBA halftime stunt where a cheerleader takes a ball to the face from Ferrell; the featurette Tony Hawk: Skater Double (4:02), in which skateboarder extraordinaire Tony Hawk doubles for Farrell in the skateboard stand-off between dads; the featurette Child’s Play (5:00), a look at the child actors who play Dylan and Megan; the featurette Hannibal Buress: The Perfect Houseguest (5:36); and the Blooper: Jeet Kune Do (2:05).

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