Django Unchained Cannes reception and new images

By Tim Pelan

Quentin Tarantino's slave revenge western (or "Southern", as he puts it, being mostly set in the slave-owning south of America) may still be shooting, but that didn't stop the Weinstein Company screening footage to a selection of lucky journalists at Cannes a few days ago.

According to, Leonardo Di Caprio as the slave owning, whorehouse running villain Calvin Candie is "the most wicked Southern gentlemen you're likely to meet. It's pretty great to see DiCaprio get ugly and he looks like he's having a helluva time doing it. And watching the trio of DiCaprio, Waltz and Foxx trade off dialogue promises their scenes are going to be loads of fun."

The report goes on to say: "Visually, Tarantino opts for big primary colours – a freed Django wearing an outrageous bright blue silk shirt earned tremendous laughs – but it looks like he'll be playing with film stock and colour shifts as well, as some quick flashback shots, particularly when it comes to the horrible treatment of Django and Broomhilda, goes for a much grittier look.

"Featuring his trademark use of anachronistic music – Johnny Cash's Ain't No Grave and James Brown's Payback were among those songs featured – and pitched exactly the way you would expect a Quentin Tarantino movie to be sold. The harsher parts of the movie have been left out for the more lighthearted and action heavy, with some choice one liners ("I like the way you die boy" and "Django ... the D is silent") putting smiles on the faces of the press. This one received the most rapturous reception out of everything shown, and clearly, Tarantino films are becoming an event on their own."

There are strong rumours a trailer will screen before Prometheus in the US (they get it a week after the UK). In the meantime, here is a fresh batch of images.

Django Unchained

Tim Pelan

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