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Deck the halls with bunches of daffodils – no it doesn’t quite work does it? As much as there are no obvious Easter songs, can you actually think of an Easter movie outside of Jesus Christ Superstar, Ben-Hur and that family classic, The Passion of the Christ? So where are all the Easter movies for Kids?

Skip forward to 2011 and finally there’s a film directed at the younger audience over this spring time festive Period – Hop

EB the bunny (voiced by Brand) has a very important destiny to fulfil. He is the next in line for the role of the Easter Bunny – but EB’s not interested.  For the whole of his life he has only dreamed of one thing, super stardom as rock'n'roll drummer.  When the pressure from his father (Laurie) becomes too much, he escapes from his home in Easter Island and makes his way to seek fame and fortune in Hollywood. 

Meanwhile in the human world we meet Fred O’Hare (Marsden), one of life’s losers. He has never held down a full time Job and is completely reliant on his parents. When his family give him an ultimatum to grow up and stand on his own two feet – the two worlds of festive bunny and human loser collide.
As O’Hare prepares to create an independent life for himself, the chaotic bunny disrupts it, making it impossible for him to prove his family wrong. Realising that with EB around he will never move forward, he agrees to help the fame obsessed rock bunny audition for a TV talent show judged by the one and only David Hasselhoff (played by the Hoff himself).

While all this is happening, the evil Chicks (that have worked loyally for many years under the Easter Bunny) begin an uprising on Easter Island. They intend to create a new Easter, run by the fluffy feathered chicks.  On top of all this madness there’s a crack team of pink beret wearing assassin rabbits to add to this wonderfully crazy family film.

Hop may not deliver any new ideas but it does feel fresh and unique as it’s normally only the Christmas period that brings this type of movie alive.  The characters are strong and likable with slap stick comedy full and fast throughout.  From the creative team that brought us the genius of Despicable Me last year, this is a must see movie for any family this Spring Holiday.

Hop is a new classic and bundles of fun.

EXTRAS ★½ A series of behind-the-scenes shorts that come together under the umbrella of The World of Hop – the Candy Factory, E.B., Fred, the Easter Bunny, Carla and Phil, and Sam; the featurette All Access with Cody Simpson (2:28), a look at the film's Hollywood premiere; and Emotion in Motion: The Dance of Ken Daurio (2:34).• Nick Gibbs-McNeil is Publisher/Editor Dad of KidzCoolit.com

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