Inglorious Bastards (DVD)

Theatrically released in 1981, although made several years earlier and with several sanitised (and bland) alternative titles, this is the Action movie Tarantino desperately wants to remake. Blending spaghetti western visuals with ‘buddy’ war movies like ‘The Dirty Dozen’ Inglorious Bastards is a great throwback to old-fashioned filmmaking. Not the gritty or ‘detailed’ battle films we see nowadays, this is instead out and out entertainment for the masses.

Casting Blaxploitation stalwart Fed Williamson (Black Caesar) as one of the soldiers gives the film an added element when compared to some of its contemporaries. Instantly recognisable, Williamson strolls around the film ‘owning’ several scenes. Essentially the plot is mission-based shenanigans with mistaken identity and happy coincidence working hand in hand. The well-paced action and surprising humour make any plot holes (and there are many) easily forgettable.

As a fan of the genre, this has a special place of its own; it's no Thin Red Line, but it was never meant to be. The remake that has been long promised appears to be gathering momentum once more, but you will be well advised to revisit the original before watching anything else.

EXTRAS Just the theatrical trailer.

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