Massive (DVD)

This new BBC series sees two 20-something Manchester lads, Danny and Shay, attempt to follow their dream of starting up their own record company. The only problem is a lack of funds, zero musical talent and no idea how to run a music label.

Massive DVD

We first meet the boys as working in together in a boring, dead-end office job, but things turn around when Danny's Gran dies and leaves him £10,000. Without hesitating, Danny puts the money towards the new record label – Shady Music.

Massive follows Shay and Danny as they fumble their way through the ups and downs of owning a business together. The six-part series is mildly entertaining, scattered with a few good laughs. It is let down, though, with the introduction of the parents as comedy characters in their own right. All 20-somethings know their parents aren't funny.

It comes across as a poor attempt at trying too hard to include the older characters for an age balance. The addition of the parents help give a little more depth Shay and Danny's characters (they do have a back story), the "adults" don't really add comedy to all their scenes, though they do have their moments.

One standout episode keeping the entertainment factor up throws the new company into turmoil when Danny and Shay are threatened with a lawsuit from Eminem, the threat delivered in person by the star's American lawyer. Ralf Little (Danny) and newcomer Carl Rice (Shay) have great on screen chemistry and Johnny Vegas (Tony) brings out a few good laughs as Shay's dad. Don't be expecting this to be the next "hit"; this interesting little comedy is enough to keep you entertained for a few hours.


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