Rise of the Guardians review (3D Blu-ray)

Who doesn’t love an animated film? They’re funny, exciting and entertaining for the whole family. With a big-name cast, Rise of the Guardians promises big things – and it delivers. Like animation favourites Finding Nemo and Shrek, it’s another film for the kids, but with a lots of laughs for the parents, too.

ROTG tells the story of Jack Frost (Pine) who, since waking up in a frozen lake, finding a magic stick and being taught by the man in the moon to freeze things, has spent the last 300 years being ignored by human civilisation. A drifter, he enjoys playing with kids (who don’t believe in him) while trying to figure out his destiny.

Meanwhile, the Guardians – North (Baldwin), a Russian Santa Claus, Tooth (Fisher), the Tooth Fairy, Bunny (Jackman), the very Australian Easter Bunny and Sandy, the silent Sandman – have gathered in the North Pole to discuss a pressing problem. Pitch (Law), the bogeyman, has formed an army of nightmares and is threatening to combat children’s wonderful belief in the Guardians and fill the world with fear and darkness. The Guardians must recruit a new Guardian to help all children to believe in them – and this is where Jack Frost comes in.

Rise of the Guardians is the feel-good film to warm your heart in time for Christmas. It’s hilarious, with plenty of laughs for all ages. It’s very well cast and each character truly fits their voice. The only criticism would be of Fisher, whose Tooth Fairy sounds as if she is geographically confused – she either needs to commit to the Yankee accent 100 per cent or ditch it completely. Jackman, on the other hand, will be a favourite among many, as he embraces his Aussie bloke accent and becomes the Boomerang-wielding Easter Bunny.

3D QUALITY ★★★★ It will come as no surprise to learn that the 3D is just as good on Blu-ray as it was in the cinema – perhaps slightly better. CGI animated films seem to work better in 3D than live-action films, and Rise of the Guardians is no exception in this regard. And as with most animated films, the 3D is at its best in the flying scenes, but the snowfall scenes are also pretty effective.

EXTRAS ★★★½ The bonus features consist of: an audio commentary wioth director Ramsey and producers Christine Steinberg and Nancy Bernstein; the four-part Behind The Magic featurette (27:43); the featurette The Man Behind The Guardians (6:25); the featurette Dreamers & Believers (10:47); the game Jack Frost Snowball Showdown!; the game Rock, Paper, Scissors With Sandy; and trailers for other DreamWorks productions. 

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