Sex Tape review (Blu-ray)

>Sex Tape follows married couple Annie (Diaz) and Jay (Segel), who decide to get their mojo back by making a sex tape (or sex video file) on Jay’s iPad. After recreating every position in the book The Joy of Sex, they soon discover that their sex tape has been shared on a number of iPads Jay had given to friends and family, leading to embarrassing situations and much awkwardness.

Sex Tape has a very modern premise that promises plenty of hilarity and chaos, especially as it is armed a script written by Segel, his Muppets co-collaborator Stoller and Angelo. However, the film fails to cause more than a few giggles.

Much of the humour is lost in the sheer awkwardness of Annie and Jay trying to stop their friends and family from seeing their video by physically taking back their iPads, rather than taking the proactive approach and Googling "how to delete video from my iCloud", and ultimately, you end up not caring about their dilemma. Additionally, the dialogue sounds forced at times and the continuous Apple product placement is shameless.

Segel and Diaz look like they are having fun and share good chemistry with each other, but it is a shame that 90 per cent of the film falls flat. The only real highlight is Segel’s genuinely funny scene with a dog, which unfortunately counteracts Lowe’s Disney-loving boss, who just comes off as creepy.

There are some very charming lead performances from Diaz and Segel, but they just don't ddo enough to spice up this sex comedy.

EXTRAS ★★½ There's a series of Deleted & Extended Scenes (6:13); a Blooper reel (5:17); a Line-O-Rama (4:55); the behind-the-scenes featurette Capturing The Moment (5:48); the featurette Romance Reboot With Dr Jenn Berman (9:56); the featurette Meet Hank Rosenbaum (2:27); and some trailers. An audio commentary would have been nice.

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