Shaun the Sheep Movie review

>From humble beginnings - a guest role in the 1995 Wallace and Gromit short film A Close Shave - the young sheep named Shaun has gone on to become a global supersttar, with more than 130 episodes so far of his own TV series. And now the little woolly bloke makes his way to the big screen in this funny and delightful homage to silent movies.

Shaun and his flock live at Mossy Bottom Farm, a small British farm ruled over by a kindly Farmer with the help of sheepdog Bitzer. Life on the farm has become a bit monotonous, with the same routine every day, so Shaun comes up with a plan to have a day off. (A day off from what? Lazing around in the field eating grass all day?) Shaun bribes a duck to distract Bitzer, then the sheep make the Farmer fall asleep (by jumping a fence over and over), put him in a caravan and then take over the house and start to party. But the caravan accidentally gets knocked off its block and heads off down the road to The Big City. Long story short, the Farmer gets a bump on the head, loses his memory and ends up in hospital, so Shaun and the gang have to head into town to get him back.

Shaun the Sheep Movie is one of those rare family films that is an absolute delight for all ages. Those clever folk at Aardman Animation have come up with a film that is perfectly sweet and charming, and every frame is full of so much detail that repeat viewing is a must. It's virtually a silent film, as the humans all speak in unintelligible grunts - reminiscent of the old Peanuts cartoons - and so it relies primarily on visual humour and sly references, many of which will go over the heads of the kids in the audience. This is a hugely entertaining and hilarious film that will delight everyone who sees it.

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