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Believe it or not, ugly, awkward, nerdy, skinny, socially-inept guys do sometime get to date perfect 10s. I know it to be true, because it happened to me once. Yes, only the once, and many years ago, but it did happen. Which means the events that take place in the funny, charming and very sweet She's Out of My League can actually happen in real life.

The hero of our story is Kirk (Baruchel), a security guard at Pittsburgh airport. He's a bit of a dork – in fact, he's such a dork that he's still pining over Marnie (Sloane), the girlfriend who dumped him two years ago. The girlfriend who is still friends with Kirk's parents, and always comes to visit – with her hunky new boyfriend in tow. Kirk's buddies refer to him as a moodle – a man poodle. The kind of guy that girls are happy to take out on a walk, and feed, and cuddle, but will never have sex with. So when, in the course of an average workday, Kirk helps the stunningly beautiful event planner Molly (Eve) when she accidentally leaves her iPhone behind when rushing for her plane, he's stunned when she asks him out to say thanks.

Kirk is quite taken with Molly, but his friends 'kindly' point out to him he doesn't have a chance – he's only a 5 and Molly is, in every way, a Perfect 10. And although Molly genuinely likes Kirk – she says she can just be herself around him, and he makes her laugh – Kirk is so insecure that he can't believe a woman like Molly would be interested in a guy like him (of course, once you meet Kirk's awful family, you can understandhow he got to be the way he is). So they start dating, but thanks to his lack of self confidence, Kirk seems do everything he can to jeaopardise the relationship. It doesn't help matters when they bump into Molly's ex, hunky pilot Cam (Stults), one night when they're out at dinner. Especially when Cam mistakes Kirk for one of the waiters.  

She's Out of My League pretty much follows the conventional romcom path – boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back – that we've seen 1,000,000,000 times before. But thanks to the two very likeable leads, a touch of raunchiness (without going TOO far) and a terrific script, we have a film that absolutely ticks all the right boxes. Baruchel has been a bit-player in some pretty big films – Million Dollar Baby, Knocked Up and Tropic Thunder, to name but three – and this is the first time he's had to carry a film as the lead. He succeeds admirably, bringing just the right amounts of warmth, clumsiness and pathos to win over the audience. British actress Eve mad a bit of a splash recently in the awful Sex and The City 2, but here she's very much the star – and yes, she really is a perfect 10. She's perfectly cast as the gorgeous, and utterly lovable, Molly, and her performance is so good you truly believe that someone as smokingly hot as she is could genuinely fall for a guy like Kirk. (Well, millions of us losers worldwide certainly hope so.)

The script is by the same guys who wrote last year's underrated Sex Drive, and this year's Hot Tub Time Machine. Yes, it's got a few rather risqué scenes that will probably upset the PC brigade – in particular a "male grooming" scene that had me falling off my chair – but it's got just as much warmth and heart as American Pie and The Hangover, and is most definitely in the same league as both. She's Out of My League is fresh, charming, sweet, hilariously funny and a front-runner for my favourite comedy of the year.

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