South Park: Season 15 review (DVD)

Every season, we learn something new about the boys from South Park. And what's the main thing we learn in Season 15? That Eric Cartman likes to have a smoke after he gets good and fucked by his mum.

Yes, 15 years in, and creators Matt and Trey are still not pulling their punches, being the equal-opportunity offenders that they are. Actually, it's not that they set out to offend, it's just that they really don't care if they do. As long as they make their point, and as long as they make people laugh (especially themselves), they're happy campers. The other thing you learn is that 15 years in, the show is better than ever. Unlike many other shows, South Park keeps getting better and better each season.

Highlights of this season include: the boys competing to see who has the biggest penis (it's not Cartman); Kyle's brother Ike helping to save the Canadian Princess from Tooth Decay; Cartman getting rich from crack babies playing basketball; Stan developing a bad case of cynicism and learning that everything is shit; Butters becoming the last of the Meheecans; the return of the gerbil Lemmiwinks, who has to stop his evil brother, WikiLeaks; and Randy Marsh becoming a Broadway star.

Easily the best episode of the season is the seventh, called you're getting Old. Stan turns 10, and slowly starts to realise that everyting around him looks and sounds like shit. His friends no longer want to be around him, and his parents split up. The show ends on such a downer, and it was last episode before the mid-season break – during which Matt and Trey were busy in new York with the Tony award-winning musical, The Book of Mormon – that a lot of people thought it signalled the end of South Park. The internet was abuzz with talk that Matt and Trey were calling it quits, and this was how they were telling us that they were sick to death of the whole thing; that in their eyes it had all turned to shit.

Of course, as is often the case, the internet was wrong, the show came back and is still with us today, going strong in its 16th season. Which makes me happy in my happy place, because South Park sontinues to make me laugh, while constantly amazing me with its cleverness and gumption. Let's hope Matt and Trey and the South Park gang continue in fine form for a few more years yet.

EXTRAS ★★★★ There's a much better selection of extra stuff than we usually get on the South Park DVD sets. As always, there are the mini-commentaries of about 4-5 minutes on each episode from Matt and Trey, which are always fun, although always too short. But among the rest, the best of the bonus features is the documentary 6 Days to Air: The Making Of South Park (40:22), which shows how each episode is written, recorded, animated and then delivered to the network in just six days. There's also another making-of documentary, 6 Days to Air: Behind the Scenes of City Sushi (3:20); and six deleted scenes (4:14).

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