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Chariots of Fire review (Blu-ray)

To cash on the quadrennial gathering of the planet's sporting elite – ie, the London 2012 Olynmpic games – the decision was made to re-release the classic tale of a...



Chariots of Fire review

The spectre of the Olympics now looms so large on the horizon that it is beginning to block out all forms of sunlight over East London and so to cash...



Will review

Director Perry has had moderate success as a documentary director. She garnered critical success at the Sundance Film Festival for her 2006 feature, The Fall of Fujimori, a study of...


The Sorcerer's Apprentice review ?½

Oh dear, Jerry Bruckheimer isn't having a very good summer is he? The uber-producer's Prince of Persia didn't do the business expected of it a couple of months ago and...