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Mass Effect: Andromeda review

BioWare’s first iteration of its revered space-opera RPG for the current-gen consoles is huge, epic, addictive and wondrous to behold. But it’s let down badly by glitches and dodgy facial animation



Titanfall 2 review

The second instalment of Respawn’s mech-centric first-person shooter addresses everything that made the first game  a disappointment, by adding a truly original single-player campaign and new Titans, and showcasing some stunning level-design



Battlefield 1 review

The latest in the hugely popular Battlefield franchise sees a return to historic combat with a game set during the First World War. Can Battlefield game set 100 years in the past provide the fast paced game we're used to or does it get bogged down in the trenches?

EA announces Battlefield 1

The next version of the sandbox-style first-person shooter Battlefield will be set in World War I and is set to arrive on October 21