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So what would you do if you found out that the partner of your best friend was cheating on them? Would you tell them or keep shtum? Would you spy on the adulterer and try and photograph them in flagrante delicto with their illicit new companion? Would you confront them about it or practice restraint and try and mind your own business? A thorny problem to be sure.

And all of these troublesome thoughts go through Vince Vaughn's head in this mediocre offering. And boy does he like to articulate them. He plays Ronny, a fast talking motormouth never at a loss for words when attempting to overcome an awkward situation. His best pal is corpulent Nick (James), who is seemingly living in wedded bliss to attractive but hard nosed Geneva (Ryder). One day Ronny spots her canoodling with her lover (Tatum) and he must then decide whether to impart the information to his trusty sidekick. His increasingly erratic behaviour causes concern to his well meaning girlfriend Beth (Connelly) and might also impinge on a business deal the two guys are developing. Ronny is the consummate salesman while Nick is the inventive brains behind a new car engine that could reap huge profits for them.

That part of the plot though takes up roughly half an hour of screen time and could easily have been jettisoned with no harm to the overall narrative. In fact the whole scenario could more or less have been dealt with in a 22-minute episode of a routine sitcom. It's been padded out to unrewarding length, such is the lead characters' verbosity that engulfs it. If only Vaughn would shut up for a bit. His constant yammering becomes very trying after a while and James is no better. Ryder offers solid support though and Connelly is as gorgeous as ever, though her luscious bosom appears to have disappeared.

A disappointment from director Ron Howard - it's not that bad but it isn't that good either. Offering little insight into relationships and with negligible attempts at comedy, this is a minor effort from him and is a far cry from some of his previous weightier movies. Unmemorable.

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