The Green Monster

A co-production between Screamkings and Untold Horror, The Green Monster definitely has that Screamkings flavour – a campy, gory throwback to the '80s, arguably the golden era of horror. It's blood-soaked, foul-mouthed fun that plays out much like cult classic Motel Hell.

Married couple Gerald (Young) and Molly (Cohan) run a convenience store, using it as a front for their murderous ways. They lure teenagers into their seemingly humble establishment, only to steal their lives using a variety of bloody methods and storing them in the Green Monster out back. What is the Green Monster? You'll have to watch to find out, but what I will say is that it's certainly seen its fair share of butchered human flesh. The Green Monster combines extreme violence with a hint of the supernatural: a self-conscious young women gives Gerald and Molly her custom by purchasing chocolates that help her keep her look, removing any blemishes, cuts and bruises, but all with a heavy price attached, and I don't mean money.

It's an entertaining romp, not mind-blowing, but the retro sensibility is enjoyable. Edward X Young is the standout performer, as well as being quite the method actor it seems. No, he didn't actually kill his co-stars during production, but he did grow out an unkempt beard and fingernails for the role, and he certainly looks creepy as hell. His character also has a pretty foul mouth, which I was told by screenwriter Trevor Wright (Sculpture) was Young ad-libbing a lot of the time, and it's hilarious. He says just about every “bad” word under the sun. He also worked on the special effects for the film.

If you're looking for a low-budget horror that delves into the past stylistically, The Green Monster may just be worth a look, with a great leading antagonist and plenty of blood and guts fun. Keep an eye on the official website for information on screenings.

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