TV Series and society are connected just like you and your TV screen

The news about TV shows which directly result in societal shifts is not a new one. The way these shows are popular with the current trends is a very important factor. When the person switches on his television or any other device that streams media, there are a lot of possibilities that are on a platter in front of him. Sometimes it might be a life with a lot of money and a high-level corporate job or at times it may be a very peaceful one amidst the forest.

Be it either of the cases, the viewer is now under a subconscious effect of the result of what is presented on the screen. This is seen in a gentle twist and turn of their choice as a consumer or an artist.

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The Queen’s Gambit: a series that influenced everyone who watched it

Queen's Gambit is an exquisite show that portrays the life of a young girl who loses her mother in a tragic accident. It shows the girl named Beth who gets taken in by an orphanage. In the journey of her stay at the orphan home, Beth is given a Drug to help her sleep. At the same time, she discovers a friendship with the custodian Mr. Shaibel. He introduces and plays the game of chess with Beth.

queens gambit 2021 blogpost embed2It reaches a point where Beth with the help of the drug which helps her practice chess in her mind, beats Mr. Shaibel and shows promise. The story takes a spin when Beth is adopted by a couple whose marriage is failing. This puts young Beth in a place where she now explores her new possibilities. She becomes the first child in the school to play chess and beat multiple opponents at a time.

During one of her runs to the medical store to get supplies for her step-mother, she discovers a magazine reporting a chess tournament. Even though she faces opposition to this tournament, she plays and wins. The character then develops into a very famous player who challenges and wins against the number 1 ranked player. All this happens while she is heavily dosed by drugs and alcohol.

This series has proved to be a great inspiration for people all over the globe. Internet results show that there is a hike in the number of progressive searches made for local chess academies. It also has resulted in invoking a special in teens to get familiar with popular and very unorthodox chess moves like the queen’s gambit.

The game of chess has become more popular in this. Along with the re-introduction of such a beautiful game, it also puts stress into showing how drugs play a negative role in a person’s life. It clearly shows the difficulties Beth faces when she is controlled by substances. In the last scene, it is clearly mentioned how she wins against her toughest match without being intoxicated.

The series plays a very big role in showing how the people and choices influence each other. It is seen that shows with such powerful performances and hard-hitting facts shape the lives that we observe around us.

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