What Happens In Vegas

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. That's the standard get-out clause for the sort of carefree hedonism that only 24-hour neon-lit gambling and debauchery can inspire. For Jack (Kutcher) and Joy (Diaz) however, it has a greater significance.

Canned from his job — by his own dad — party-loving Jack is in Vegas, alongside best friend Steve (Corddry) to drink away their blues. The rather more uptight Joy, freshly dumped by fiance Mason (Sudeikis), and her slightly aggressive best friend Tipper (Bell) are doing something similar. A computer problem sees the four sharing the same room. In compensation, they receive freebies across the city and drink their way through the night. When they wake up, Joy and Jack are married.

It's an easy mistake — well, it is if you're a comedy scriptwriter or Britney Spears — and both are happy to see it annulled. Only there's the small matter of the $3m fruit machine jackpot that Jack's just one using Joy's quarter. An annulment and a fifty/fifty split would be the obvious solution but not according to Judge Whopper (US comedy legend Miller). Sick of youngsters desecrating the sanctity of marriage, Whopper freezes the $3m and sentences the not-so-happy sober couple to “six months hard marriage”. Figuring “how hard can it be?” Jack and Joy decide to make the best of it: after all, it's still $1.5m for 180-odd days of cohabitation. Unless, they swiftly realise, they can force the other party to cheat or break their vows in which case the “wronged” party get the full three mill...

Did someone say “formula”? Did anyone say “concept”? Did anyone say "Pish! Only in the movies!"? Well, you're all right. There isn't a single original, or realistic, thing about What Happens In Vegas and the outcome — hands up if you think they'll fall in love for real — is not exactly a surprise. But, in Diaz and Kutcher's likeable, capable hands, this slapstick-heavy rom-com is never less than unpretentious, undemanding fun. It also helps that there's a quality supporting cast, particularly Corddry and Farina, for the leads to bounce off. It's not going to trouble the world's awards panels or change anyone's life but a couple of beers, a pizza and this? It's a curmudgeonly spirit that wouldn't call that a perfectly decent night out.

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