WWE Paige - Iconic Matches DVD review

For WWE fans, Paige has been a recognisable name for over five years, from her NXT days, to her main roster call-up to her eventual retirement due to injury and then her roles as Smackdown GM and as a manager. Her story has, or course, been immortalised in the hugely successful Fighting with my Family feature film earlier this year, but with her in-ring career over WWE has chosen to release a collection of her greatest moments from within the square circle (handily timed for release as FWMF arrives on DVD and Blu-ray)

wwe paige iconic matches DVDIt's worth pointing out that this is not a full documentary profile of Paige, but a reduced price collection of matches from her career, similar to the ones the company put out for Bayley, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, Roman Reigns and various others. However, the matches that are here are very enjoyable. Paige vs Emma for the inaugural NXT Women's championship is a very good contest, although I would argue their match at NXT Takeover: Arrival was better, but this one has far more significance both for Paige and her role in the "Women's Revolution" within WWE.

Following Paige's NXT victory are three matches that include AJ Lee. First, Paige's debut on the main roster (as recreated in the closing scenes of the film), but more interestingly the singles match the two had at Summerslam 2014. Arguably, this was the best match of Paige's career and a great showcase for just how good she was, especially given it featured the debut of the Ram-Paige which always felt like an underrated finisher. Her tag match alongside AJ Lee against The Bella Twins benefits from being better than the average women's match from that time period and the Wrestlemania setting although I would have liked to see them get more time. That said, having been in attendance at that Wrestlemania I have very fond memories of that match, so I'm glad it was included. Finally, we got a decent TV match between Paige and Sasha Banks which I believe would be Paige’s final televised match before her retirement. It's a shame it was perhaps a match with less fanfare, but a solid effort nonetheless.

wwe paige iconic matches DVD 1Unfortunately, Paige's career at the top of the industry was relatively short and dogged by injury. Her role in the prominence of the current women's division may not be given the credit it deserves, but watching this it is hard not to appreciate how pivotal she was in laying the groundwork for the likes of Becky Lynch, Charlotte, Bayley and Asuka to take things to the next level. This DVD is certainly a nice companion piece to Fighting with My Family and a fairly comprehensive look at some of Paige's real high points within WWE.



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