WWE Summerslam 2020 Blu-ray review

Summerslam is always an event I have enjoyed, perhaps going back to seeing it happen in London as a child (although sadly not in person at Wembley stadium), but it is an event that has always had a special place in my heart. In truth, it often delivers, as the second biggest WWE show of the year, simply because it lacks the same pressure that is so often applied to Wrestlemania. Even in the confines of the WWE Thunderdome, due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation, it felt like a big deal, and for the most part as a show it delivered.

wwe summerslam blu ray 2020

The Street Profits vs Angel Garza and Andrade was a fine mid-card tag match, and as a week-to-week viewer it was a combination that has been perhaps overexposed, watching this back in isolation from the weekly TV shows, it stands up as a fan tag match. Mandy Rose vs Sonya Deville was better than expected, but it’s important to also remember how impressive that is given the much publicised incident involving Deville only days earlier with an attempted abduction in her home by a deranged fan. The professionalism to still do this match, and to such a high level should not be underestimated from Deville.

Asuka taking on Bayley was a really strong start to the show, and although it was used to set up the story around the match later in the show between Asuka and Sasha Banks, it was still a very strong effort from both women. That subsequent match later in the show was also very strong, although I think I preferred the opener. Banks and Bayley’s story was at the forefront and set up what was to follow in the coming weeks, but Asuka was kept looking strong even in only winning 50% of the matches in which she was competing.

wwe summerslam blu ray 2020 1

Perhaps the biggest highlight on this show featured Dominik Mysterio taking on Seth Rollins. The story between the two was perfectly told, with Rollins underestimating the young rookie, and Mysterio surprising absolutely everyone with his ability. Mysterio has all the tools to go incredibly far, and his youth and energy are genuinely refreshing as a babyface. Rollins, as you would expect was excellent here, as the tow put together what was easily the match of the night.

wwe summerslam blu ray 2020 2Finally, we tune to the two big title matches. Drew McIntyre vs Randy Orton was fine, and although both men have very well defined characters and the feud had a solid basis, I’m not sure they clicked in-ring and the chemistry was there for this to be anything overly memorable. In contrast, the main event between Braun Strowman and “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt was short, chaotic and very enjoyable. However, the quality of that match was perhaps overshadowed by the shocking return of Roman Reigns after the bout which made for a wonderful surprise as the show went off the air and a great way to cap off a very enjoyable event.

Summerslam 2020 was a pretty fun show for the most part with plenty of excellent in-ring action, some big shocks and a whole lot of storyline development.  Although the lack of an audience makes this a less-than-ideal atmosphere for such a big event, it doesn't take away too much from the show and with the additional Thunderdome effects it goes some way to making up the difference. 

EXTRAS: Pre-show featuring Apollo Crews vs MVP but not a whole lot else! 

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