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WWE: The Miz - A List Superstar DVD Review 2019

It’s crazy to think The Miz has been a part of WWE in one form or another for nearly fifteen years, but he has been a fixture for a significant period of time. Of course during that time his character has morphed, he has improved in the ring and he has become one of the best workers on the microphone that WWE has. Despite being a former WWE champion and having headlined Wrestlemania it seems odd to say that this will be the first home video profile release on The Miz and although I’m not always his biggest fan there’s lots to enjoy here.

wwe the miz a list superstar DVD 2019This isn’t quite the in-depth treatment that CM Punk, Triple H et al got a few years back. There is a lengthy interview with Miz that is interspersed between the matches but Miz stays in character for the most part, which is a little disappointing. I would happily have seen a more candid side to Mr Mizanin and a bit more background on who he really is, but alas that is not what WWE has gone with here. Still there are some interesting titbits throughout and it certainly provided context to the match selection.

The matches on this two disc set vary wildly in quality from the brilliant to the very average. Miz was not necessarily a natural from an in-ring perspective and that shows in some of his early work. Bouts with Mike Knox and Rene Dupree (two names most will have long forgotten) from their developmental days are an interesting look at where Miz got started before looking briefly at his tag run alongside Joh Morrison and mini feud with John Cena. From there things skip forward and we start into his big run at the WWE Title, with his Money in the Bank win, feud with Daniel Bryan, and then his actual Championship win and Wrestlemania main event. It’s glossed over somewhat that he was very much the third wheel in the story between The Rock and John Cena, but it doesn’t take away from the fact he genuinely main evented a Wrestlemania.

wwe the miz a list superstar DVD 2019 1Disc two is a bit more of a mixed bag. The classic Miz had with Sami Zayn, Cesaro and Kevin Owens at Extreme Rules 2016 is included and rightly so, it’s fantastic, maybe even the best match on this release. Matches against Roman Reigns, Dolph Ziggler and even Daniel Bryan are so-so, but I was delighted to see the inclusion of his mixed match challenge bout alongside Asuka against Bobby Roode and Charlotte Flair. Far too many people slept on how good the MMC was, and I’m glad WWE opted to include this match here. Finally, we have the big matches of Miz’s partnership and feud with Shane McMahon including their wild affair at Wrestlemania this past year, which still holds up very well.

DVD releases these days tend to be quite erratic in terms of quality and content where WWE is concerned. In the Network era DVDs are very much aimed at collectors and completionists, and while I respect The Miz I think it would require someone to be a big fan to want to own this collection outright rather than just watch these matches on the WWE Network, That said, there are some very good matches on this set, and Miz is very entertaining for the most part, at least until the bell rings. This also shows just how much he has improved since he started, but I can’t help but think a full profile piece on Mike Mizanin might have been more effective and more engrossing than this particular DVD.



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